SOTN STUDIO The Sounds of the Nations Cape Town Studios consists of two studios.

STUDIO A is situated in Klein Bron, Northern Suburbs, Cape Town (off Okavango), a perfect get away location for all your recording needs. Our studio caters for all recording needs including live recording Cape Town. It is one of the most relaxing Recording Studio environments in Cape Town. Our warm & cozy studio promises to provide the client with a perfect atmosphere to get the creative juices flowing. It’s ideal location, just off the N1 National Road makes it an easily accessible location with public transport close enough for everyone to get to.

The studio consists of a large enough control room to allow the band to be able to relax and listen while their band members are tracking.

The Live Room is ideal for drum tracking & live band tracking. Enjoy the freedom of tracking with your band mates.

The Vocal Booth is ideal for Vocal Tracking & Voice Overs. It’s perfect acoustics will guarantee a high quality recording for all your vocal tracking needs.


STUDIO B is situated in the beautiful town of De La Haye. It’s quiet location is perfect for bands. artists and Voice Over Artists to get away from the rush and focus on creativity.

The studio is equipped for vocal tracking, productions, voice over artists. Contact us for more information.