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Super Powers Series

My Super Powers Audio Books is a great tool to teach your children about the 9 Spiritual Gifts. All Audio Books consists of three stories with sing-a-long songs written for each spiritual gift. A fun way for children to learn how to engage in the supernatural. Written by Dan McCollam and narrated by Shaveh Feder.



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This highly acclaimed four-part series explores the power of sound from a Christian perspective.

Genesis 1:3 says, “The Spirit of God moved upon the face of the deep.” Those God vibrations were the beginning of all created things.

This 4-CD audio series presents a Christian perspective on the power of sound:
CD 1 – Sound Foundations
CD 2 – Destructive Power
CD 3 – Creative Power
CD 4 – Sound’s Healing Influence

The universe is in a continuous state of vibratory motion. Awesome tool for Worship Teams.

Price: R150 (MP3)

R400 (DVD Set)


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Finding Your Song is a songwriting workbook that teaches the essentials of becoming an impacting songwriter. The book uses songs by Brian & Jenn Johnson to explain the principles of songwriting. An ideal tool to get started or to sharpen your songwriting gift.

Price: R40 (E Book)


Sound of Africa Worship Album is a compilation of worship songs from various worship leaders in South Africa. This album captures the authentic worship with the sound of South Africa.


Price: R80

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